Instructions & Help


  1. Who can join? Anyone of any age can join. We have programs for children, teens, and adults; the whole family can participate together! You do not have to have a library card to join the Summer Reading Program. Rising 6th graders can choose to be in the children's SRP or the teen SRP. 
  2. What do I read? Read anything you want: books, magazines, or graphic novels. All you have to do is read 20 minutes a day for 20 days. Reading to another person counts for both of you. 
  3. What about audiobooks? Listening to audiobooks also counts toward your 20 minutes/day. 
  4. Can I enter more than once? This year we are adding a part 2 to our Summer Reading Program. If you finish reading 20 minutes/day for 20 days, you have completed part 1 and finished the Summer Reading Program. But if you want to read another 20 minutes/day for another 20 days, you can finish part 2 as well. 
  5. What is the $10 Summer Card? If you are not a member of the Collegedale Public Library and you live outside the city limits, you can purchase the $10 Summer Card. This card costs $10 for May-August, and you can have 10 items checked out at a time. You can also download an additional 15 ebooks and audiobooks from Tennessee Reads!